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Scout Group



Once your child has been with us for a few weeks, she or he will need a uniform.

A uniform should be worn to every meeting for every section.

New members should wear comfy clothes for their first few meetings, suitable for sporty games.


Where to buy?

The Sheep Shop, Haverfordwest


What to buy?



Dark blue combats are needed for all sections (and should be worn to all meetings).

Scouts must always own and wear a scout belt each week.


Top half

Beavers wear the official blue sweatshirt

Cubs wear the official green sweatshirt

Scouts wear the official light blue Sea Scout shirt


Your Section Leader will provode the following Neckerchief, Woggle and Investiture Badges



Every section must wear a neckerchief to every meeting. We provide the first one but if you need a new one, it costs £4.



A woggle is a slide that holds the neckerchief together.  They must be worn to every meeting.

The Beaver, Cub and Scout leaders provide the woggles but need to charge for replacements.